Affordable Flight Training

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Cessna 150      $85.00hr

Cessna 172      $120.00hr

Piper Cherokee $120.00hr

Instructor         $40.00hr

FAA Requirements

No minimum age to start training

16 Years of age to solo

17 Years of age for license

Students must receive a minimum of 40hrs of flight time. Of the 40hrs a students must have 20hrs of dual instruction and 10hrs of solo time.

*A full list of requirements can be found under FAR Part 61


Whether you want to be a weekend flyer or prepare for a new career this is where we all begin. The Private Pilot Certificate is the foundation for all of your adventure in aviation. This Certificate can be earned in any of our aircraft, but in order to make your training successful and efficient we typically stick to our single engine trainers, the reliable and trusted Cessna 150/172 or Piper Cherokee


Private Pilot Training

Learning to fly is one of life's great adventures. And for more and more Americans today, flying an airplane is one of life's greatest pleasures. This is your opportunity and invitation to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Morristown Flying Service can help you meet your goal to become a pilot.