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No Minimums to Start Training.

 To obtain an Instrument Rating the FAA requires:
-Hold a Private Pilots License or higher.
-Have 50 hours of cross country flight time
-Have 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument flight
-Receive 15 hours of instruction from an authorized instructor
-Pass FAA required exams
-Be Able to read, speak, and understand English.
*Some hours in your private pilot course count toward your instrument hours*
- A full list of requirements can be found under FAR Part 61


Open a new door to your aviation adventure with an instrument rating. This rating allows you to fly through the clouds and to take flight on days where most are grounded. Instrument training not only helps create a safer pilot but a more knowledgeable pilot at well.


Instrument Rating

Cessna 150      $85.00hr
Cessna 172      $120.00hr
Piper Cherokee $120.00hr
Instructor         $40.00hr

Affordable Flight Training