Affordable Flight Training

Cessna 182

High Performance $165.00

Cessna 172

All of our Cessna 172s are fully IFR equipped. $120.00 per hour

Aircraft Rental

Rates on this site are subject to change without notice. Please call for current rates

Piper Cherokee

Our Piper Cherokee is fully IFR equipped. It is also equipped with ADS-B in and out. $120.00 per hour

Our Fleet Prices are WET (includes fuel). Ask about Block time Rates today!!


Fly our fully restored Citabria 7ECA.

$120.00 per hour

Cessna 150

All of our Cessna 150's a equipped with digital flip/flop Nav/Com. We offer both VFR and IFR equipped 150s for$85.00 per hour

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