Affordable Flight Training

Cessna 150      $85.00hr
Cessna 172      $120.00hr
Piper Cherokee $120.00hr

Cessna 182      $165.00hr
Instructor         $40.00hr

No minimum to start building hours and training

FAA Minimums Required to receive a rating as a Commercial Pilot
-Hold at least a Private Pilots License
-Be 18 Years of age or older
-250 Hours of total flight time
-Pass FAA required exams
-Be Able to read, speak, and understand English.
*A full list of requirements can be found under FAR Part 61


Attaining the status of a commercial pilot is a milestone. As a commercial pilot, you will be able to fly for compensation or hire. This could include flying people, cargo, or in a variety of other capacities. Many commercial pilots pursue careers as flight instructors, cooperate pilots, charter pilots, and some go on to the airlines.


This is the next big step in reaching your dream. In order to have a career in aviation as a pilot, a commercial pilot certificate is required. Here you work on precision and skill as well as the decision-making skills required for a professional pilot. This course is designed to create a patient, safe and insightful pilot.


Commercial Pilot

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